Chef Rob McCue and Chef Adam Banks (of RoblĂ© & Co on Bravo) asked me to meet them at a gentlemen’s barber shop in Midtown Manhattan in January of 2012. They told me that the Titanic had sunk 100 years ago “this year,” qoth Banks. I didn’t believe them, but Google defied my beliefs. By April 14th, we had mounted one of the greatest events, commemorating this unfortunate disaster, and with a good modern twist. Those who are familiar with author Jack Finney and his books Time And Again and From Time to Time, will understand the significance of the video below. The only thing I regret is not having a massive iceberg placed in the center of the room, because the fellas from Prime Meats did have an ice-sculpture and The New York Times covered their event. – JC

The L-Train Luncheon
That time we hosted a formal lunch aboard New York City’s subway: The L Train. Michael Cirino was instrumental in executing this experiment, which was an idea I came up with while driving around Beverly Hills with Michael’s former partner, Daniel Castano, who apparently is a celebrity in South America. – JC